Subject – C

+Catholic Charities
Catholic Schools

See:  Department of Catholic Schools (Sec. D)

Council of Priests (formerly Senate of Priests)

Subject – D

Department of Catholic Schools

D2 – Administrative Handbook for Elementary and Secondary Schools

Document D3 intentionally omitted

Department of Catholic Schools – Financial Policies
Department of Catholic Schools (Miscellaneous)
Dependent Adult Care and Abuse Reporting

See:  Elder/Dependent Care (Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse – Mandated Reporting) E4

Subject – F

Fall Fest

See:  Speakers S8

Filmmaking on Parish/School Grounds
Finance Council (Archdiocesan) Constitution
Finance Policies – Gambling and Fundraising Events
Financial Policies and Procedures and Accounting Reporting System (Parishes/Schools)
Fundraising – Electronic……….move to Fundraising Policies

Subject – O

Subject – P

Parish Administration Handbook
Pastoral Marriage Preparation Policy
Policies and Guidelines (Parishes/Clergy)

Policies & Guidelines – Books I and II
Parish Administration Handbook (Book I):

P8(I) Index

P8(I) 1000 – Sacraments

P8(I) 2000 – Liturgy

P8(I) 3000 – Chancery

P8(I) 4000 – Departmental Guidelines

P8(I) 5000 – Constitutions

P8(I) 6000 – Due Process

P8(I) 7000 – Miscellaneous

(Note: Many temporal policies referred to in Book I are superseded by policies in Parish & School Financial Policy Manual F3.)

P8 – Priests Personnel Policies

P8(III) – Parish/School Annual Policies and Procedures Self-Study and 3-year Onsite Consultation Questionnaire”

Priest Personnel Policies

Subject – S

Seminarians – Financial Assistance To

Document S-3 intentionally omitted

Sexual Abuse/Misconduct
Speaker Stipends (Chancery Employees)
Standards of Conduct for Those Working with Children and Young People

Subject – T

Transportation Policy (Schools)

See:  Administrative Handbook for Elementary and Secondary Schools D2

Subject – W

Whistleblower Policy
Wrongful Termination of Employment/Insurance Coverage