Tech Discounts

Get exclusive non-profit discounts on hardware, software, and computer services

Get discounts and grants for your parish from companies like these:

Step 1:

To sign up with Tech Soup, you’ll need proof that your parish is a Tax Exempt Organization.  Your parish should have on file a Tax Exempt Letter Packet.  If they don’t, please fill out this form and we’ll email one out to your pastor.  Please give us about 24 business hours to process this request.


Step 2

Once your pastor has given you your tax exempt status packet, sign up with TechSoup — it’s free! You’ll need that packet to complete the sign up process.

Step 3

Once you’re signed up, you can explore all the discounted offerings you now have access to including free GSuite accounts (for email), discounted computers and laptops, and more! Some of offerings require you to apply. Once you’re registered with TechSoup, the grant application is expedited since TechSoup verifies that you are, in fact, an eligible non-profit organization.