Once you have set up your username and password, log in to the Catholic Leadership Institute Portal at https://portal.catholicleaders.org 

After logging in you should see a landing page like the one below. If you have completed the Parish Set Up described in the Parish Set Up guide, you can select your parish name at the bottom of the screen. If not, you will be prompted to walk through the process of confirming your parish details. 

After selecting your parish, you will land on the DMI Dashboard (pictured below.) Here you can:

  • view your schedule 
  • access the survey link to share with parishioners 
  • print paper copies 
  • review the demographic info you provided in your Parish Set Up. 

Once on your Parish DMI Dashboard, you can view your Parish Roadmap, which contains Key Dates including Survey Open and Survey Close dates, the unique link you will share with parishioners to take the survey, and options for printing paper surveys

Your Parish Roadmap contains key dates to remember.

Your unique survey link can be found on this dashboard. Copy this link to paste it into your bulletin announcements, emails, or web page and social media posts to invite parishioners to complete the survey. (This link will not be active until the Survey Live date as seen on the Roadmap.)

To print paper copies to distribute to parishioners, select the language you would like to download in the dropdown bar in the “Paper Surveys” box, which can be found directly below the unique link. The survey is available to be taken in 17 different languages.

After selecting your language from the dropdown, click on the download button below the dropdown box. It will turn blue when you hover over or click the button.

The file will download immediately. When viewing the paper survey, verify that the correct Diocese, Parish, and Pastor Name are all displayed on the front cover. DO NOT REMOVE this page when printing and distributing, as it is the only way CLI can identify the correct parish when processing paper surveys.
Below is the cover page of the Disciple Maker Index Survey.

On your main DMI Dashboard you can monitor response counts while the survey is live. Responses are updated
2- 3 times per day. You may need to scroll down to view the response updates.