Saint Kevin Parish - San Francisco

St. Kevin Church - Bookkeeper Job Description
FLSA Status: Part time non-exempt (hourly position)
Reports To: Pastor

Essential Function:
This position performs the bookkeeping function for the following entities and main responsibilities include overseeing bank reconciliation, payables/receivables, general ledger, financial reporting and budget:
Major Responsibilities include:
• Budget preparations
• Co-ordination of Budget and Audits with SF Archdiocese
• Prepare purchase orders relative to budgets
• Prepare invoices and reimbursement requests for payment
o Determines timing of release of payments based on Cash Flow Projections
• Monitors income and expenditures relative to budgets
• Financial Record Filings
o Monthly and Quarterly
o Annual reports to SF Archdiocese
o Annual filing to SF Archdiocese
Accounts Payable
• Review all bills and invoices, check for accuracy
• Prepare checks for Pastor's review and signature
• Post checks to cash disbursements and to Quickbooks
• Bank reconciliation for all entities
• Show all debits and credits on monthly bank statements,
• Identify all items needed to reconcile bank balance to book balance
• Post any necessary adjustments to books
• Prepare payroll for ADP processing
• Export payroll expenses to appropriate Parish
• Prepares and records deposits for all entities: Parish
• Maintain Bookstore’s account receivables
• Maintain employee personnel records
• Oversees maintenance of Accounting System

• Act as primary interface with auditors
• Processes MFIF for all employees
Financial Statements
• Prepare monthly statement of operations and submit to Pastor for review and approval
• Prepare quarterly statement of operations and submit to Pastor for review and approval
• Prepare annual statement of operations and submit to Pastor for review and approval.
• Make any necessary corrections and submit final report to the Archdiocese
• Oversee the tax compliance of the Parish
• Calculate payroll for the month.
• Prepare bank deposit ticket for payroll account based upon amounts needed.
• Print biweekly payroll report for Pastor to review for accuracy.
• Post payroll to cash register and general ledger.

• Annual Budget
• Prepare with Pastor the annual salary schedule based upon scale amounts provided by the Archdiocese pay scales
• Based on historical costs and projected needs, projects and other annual expenses in addition to salaries
• Any other requests made by the Pastor, including attendance at finance council meetings

Experience Required:
He/she must have 2-4 years of experience as a bookkeeper with accounting skills in A/P, Bank reconciliation, journal entries, general ledger, financial reporting, demonstrating strong Excel knowledge and skill. Must also possess organizational and communication skills. The employee must pass a bookkeeping examination administered by the ADSF Finance Department and have QB and /or QBO experience. Previous experience in an educational and/or Catholic institution is preferred.

A Bachelor’s Degree is preferred.

To Apply: Please submit application and resume to [email protected]
St. Kevin Church 704 Cortland Avenue San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 648-5751